*How did you become a mermaid?
Ever since Avalon was a little girl, she dreamed of being a part of the sea...namely, a mermaiden! She hung posters from scuba diving magazines all over her bedroom walls and daydreamed of whales, dolphins and other sea friends. Family trips to the beach were well loved and outings to the Baltimore, Camden, and New England Aquarium remain in her heart forever.

Even when Avalon "grew up" to become a young lady, she still felt like she belonged to the sea. She still had her dream and never once thought it to be silly or unattainable.
In January 2012, Avalon first saw other mermaids swimming in pools and oceans....so, there were others with the same feeling! She learned how to swim in her tail (it was tricky!) and decided that she'd love to share her dream with children and adults alike. In a world where childhood is rushed and inundated by the latest fads, technology, and a push for children to "grow up quicker", Avalon hopes to bring a bit of magic, wonder, and love.

* How can I become a mermaid?
Avalon believes that being a Mermaid is something that you feel within your heart and soul. It doesn't take a fancy tail or stage make up to embrace something you truly identify with. She has met women, men, and children from all walks of life and all ages who identify with the mermaid personae. As always, outward appearance is a minor attribute. It is what lies within that truly makes a person who they are!

*Does Avalon really know real Pirates?
  Aye! She surely does and they are nothing but friendly and good natured. They are available for birthday parties, as well, and pirates and mermaids make a great team. Please visit their website for more information: http://www.roamingpirate.com

 *What is your tail made from? Where can I get one?
Avalon's tail was created by Sandy Hoaglin of Mermaids R Us in Weeki Wachee, Florida. It was made from tinted silicone and custom created to my body measurements. It is extremely tight and weighs in at over 25 lbs! Swimming in a tail is very challenging and takes practice and skill....but above all else, it is fun!

Custom Mermaid tails are created from silicone, latex, neoprene (Scuba gear material), or spandex/lycra. While realistic custom silicone/latex creations are an investment, there are many beautiful and swimmable fabric tails available online. I highly recommend Germany's Magic Tails for mermaids of all ages!

*Where can I find Mermaid Jewelry or Tops?
Mermaid Avalon is very fond of creating with her hands. As an experienced knitter, needlefelter, and sewer, she was very happy to create all of her jewelry and tops on her own! Etsy is a wonderful online marketplace which offers handmade items, as well. Happy Shopping!

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